The Power and Beauty of asset management – What else is in it for me?

The clear translation of organizational mission statements into operational goals is a critical step on the road to asset management. The process is driven by good change management, a process which in itself is often seen within organizations as being related predominantly to adjustment.

The key to success often lies in the visible – and often unseen – attitudes and behaviors within the organization.   It has been said that the behavior of employees on the ‘shop floor’ is reflective of the attitude of the organization’s senior management and leadership. Although we are all responsible for our individual behavior, there is a nugget of truth in this.

Unwritten rules, norms and values can be consciously and subconsciously delimited by managerial level and indeed recognized model behaviors. The degree of security felt within an organization plays a major role at individual employee level where acceptable and unacceptable behaviors can greatly influences possibility for change.

Management must therefore make clearly visible that they too are prepared to change and adopt the requisite behaviors, i.e. ‘walk the walk’. It is critical that they are open to receiving feedback and moreover are ready to demonstrate that they expect the same of others. This is not soft but in actual fact, very concrete, visible management

So what else is in it for you? I think the real question is, what else is in it, that you can do? The suggestions are simple: Be consistent and specific in what you want. Understand when it is necessary to let go. And, actually let go!

It is not just about listening, tapping into and steering your own behaviors and results, but also those from other around you so that the direction and responsibility lies exactly where it should. That is the real power and even beauty of asset management!

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